Adventure Smart Wales is a 2 year project, funded via the Welsh Government’s Tourism Product Innovation Fund.

This fund aims to encourage closer joint working within tourism, to develop and improve the tourism experience for visitors in order to benefit the tourism sector and local communities in Wales and to help grow the tourism economy in a sustainable way.

Additional contributions have been received from Snowdonia National Park Authority, British Mountaineering Council, Welsh Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Welsh Sports Association.

The aims of Adventure Smart Wales



To promote safe adventures

Adventure is fun and with careful planning we can keep it that way. Adventure Smart Wales aims to share this idea with visitors and our local communities.


To promote access to good information

Ensuring visitors and local communities have access to information such as accurate weather conditions to keep themselves safe.


To share our knowledge about adventure

Ensuring visitors and local communities know how to prepare for an adventure in the landscape in all conditions


To help tourism businesses

Sharing information with tourism businesses to enable them to effectively share the idea of safe adventure with their visitors


To create engaging content

Helping businesses to stimulate positive behaviour change towards safe and sustainable outdoor recreation.


To be innovative

Using a range of innovative interventions to ensure safety messages reach new audiences.