• Let the experts show you the way
  • Know how and when to get help
  • Know your limits
  • Know where you are going
  • Respect the water

Know your limits

Be honest with yourself about you and your companions’ knowledge, fitness and ability


Let the experts show you the way

If you are doing something new or going somewhere new, why not go with a qualified guide/instructor or sign up for some training (


Know how and when to get help

If you find someone in trouble, call for help, don’t put yourself at risk

Inland: In an emergency call 999 – ask for the police and then the Mountain Rescue

Inland waters: In an emergency call 999 – ask for Fire & Rescue Service

Sea and coastal area: In an emergency call 999 – ask for the Coastguard

Carry a whistle

  • six short blasts in short succession, repeated at 1 minute intervals is the international distress signal (you can also flash your torch in a similar manner)

Know where you are going

Choose a suitable route and allow enough time


Respect the water

If you are on the beach or walking along the coast;

  • Don’t get cut off by the tides - check tide times
  • Where possible choose a lifeguarded beach and swim between the red and yellow flags
  • Don’t jump into pools unless you know there are no hazards beneath the water
  • If you are caught in a rip current, don’t try to swim against it.  If you can, stand and wade, don’t swim.  If you can’t stand, swim parallel to the shore, raise your hand and shout for help

If you are heading out on the water;

  • Check the anticipated currents and tidal predictions for your trip and make sure they fit with what you’re planning to do
  • Plan your passage - check if there are any hazards or navigational risks you should avoid
  • Make sure that everyone on board, or in your group, knows where the safety equipment is stowed and how to use it
  • Make a habit of clipping onto suitable points around the boat at night, when you are alone on deck or in rough conditions
  • In a motorised craft? If it has a kill cord use it


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